Testimony of my Conversion

SalvationOne night in the second last week of May 2003, The Lord Jesus appeared to me in a vision while in my room, this happened between 9:00pm and 10:30pm as i had taken a simple rest .In this vision, i was standing on a street that had very tall buildings but they were not flats (they consisted of one floor each).

I turned to look behind from where I was standing and stretched my eyes to see up to  a distance of about 100 meters , there I saw a man laying hands on people He met as He came by moving into the same direction I was heading .What amazed me in this place was that some of these people (beings) on this street in this strange place didn’t walk like we do here on earth but instead , they were drifting yet this seemed normal to every one there.
I decided to move on and just mind my business and leave that place. Now in just a twinkle of an eye , this man I’d seen far behind me laying hands on some of those he met , appeared right next to me – I didn’t know how he got there in just seconds and this scared me off plus the glorious presence he had around him. He stretched His hand out to touch me and power left Him and I felt a very strong force that pushed me to a distance of about 6 meters from where I’d been ( at this moment , I realized that I was also not walking but drifting). When I looked intently at Him, I saw that He looked at me with pity, as if He had known me before this instance.
After a moment of silence, He spoke to me saying, ‘ Fear not, it is me your Lord Jesus Christ, there is something I need to open up to you ‘ He continued and said ‘ David! From today, don’t consider following any religion ANY MORE but follow me only, leave the world system.
Here , I asked Him , how should I follow you without  being under religion and He said again , follow me – you’ve heard the gospel of salvation and now you have also seen me -follow me just as the scriptures say. II replied and asked Him , ‘ How can i then understand them in the right way, He told me , ‘ not so long you’ll find some one who will teach you the Bible in the right way.I then said ok ,all that is fine but how will i tell my dad that am now born again , He said , ‘just leave that to me’.
By then, I only knew of only four religions: Roman Catholic church, Protestants (Anglican Church), Islam and the Seventh Day Adventists so I thought it in my heart to ask Him ‘ Which of these I had to turn to but before I did, He said FOLLOW ME as your LORD and SAVOUIR as the Bible states. He seemed to even know what I was thinking at that moment because before He answered me He said I see you want to ask me the same thing again!! He then spoke and said ‘remember to read Romans 10  , you’ll learn more about salvation’.
Two days went by and my mom and dad also got born again , so i didn’t have to answer to them about my decision , and most interesting was , i found a friend who had a certain email of a pastor whom i  wrote to  and he sent me a free salvation package , i was able to learn from his teaching just as the Lord had told me, this provided with a good foundation to get started with my walk with Christ. Many of my questions had been answered in the first 5 days of my journey.
Glory to God!

Feel free to contact us; to let us know of your decision to follow Christ, we shall be glad to hear from you. Plus, we shall send you a free salvation package to help you begin your journey with Jesus.

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By Gifted Divine Christian Ministries International

tree planting1Introduction

NGADEA Under this intervention ensures that the community has access to clean and safe water by encouraging rain water harvesting simple and cheap technologies, sustaining and extending clean and safe water sources nearer to the community.

The intervention also ensures that households maintain a reasonable level of hygiene and sanitation by encouraging the basics such as Pit Latrines, Kitchen and Kitchen Ware at a high level of hygiene. It is under this intervention that the Association in partnership with other stakeholders ensures that the community preserves the Ecosystem; members are trained to preserve the natural resources especially Forests and Swamps. It is also here that the community is trained into Agro forestry, Energy Production and Energy saving technologies (Bio gas) and Energy saving Stoves). This intervention intends to train members into cheap and simple irrigation technologies in an endeavor to preserve the natural resources.

VISION: Future Green Vegetation

MISSION: Restoring the Ecosystem to simplify the Livelihood of the current and the future generation


  • To train the community into Agro forestry (carry out food farming and tree growing)
  • To establish tree nursery beds in the Community for trees, cash crops like coffee, passion fruits, fruit trees and vegetables.
  • To introduce and encourage rain water harvesting technologies
  • Establish, maintain and sustain clean and safe water sources
  • To introduce and encourage Energy and Energy saving technologies
  • To encourage hygiene and sanitation in households


Muduuma Sub County is one of the 18 sub counties that make up Mpigi District. It is on record that Mpigi District is one of the Districts in Uganda where encroachment on forests and other natural resources is rampant (Deforestation and clearing of swampy areas in search for fertile soils for food farming, etc.).

The majority of the households in the community lack the basics of hygiene and sanitation including Pit latrine, Kitchen and Kitchen ware and the general hygiene of a homestead. This calls for intervention to correct the situation. NGADEA has moved a step to implement the intended objectives of this program by implementing some of the program activities. However we have been constrained by inadequate funding. We therefore call upon people of good will, NGOs (both local and international) and the Donor community to support this effort.


It requires 0.2 US dollar to raise a tree seedling.


By Gifted Divine Christian Ministries International


Rural financeDescription of the society

Nakyesanja – Ggalabi Development Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited (NGADEA- SACCO Ltd.) is a registered savings and credit Co-operative Society that provides financial services with the objective to improve the social- economic welfare of its members and other subscribers .It is found within the Microfinance Sector under the Co-operative society category as provided for by Bank of Uganda. It operates under the Uganda Co-operative societies Statute 1991, Regulations 1992, society’s Bye-Law and Circulars; the society basically belongs to residents of MUDUUMA sub-county who found it in 2008 assisted by Nakyesanja- Ggalabi Development Association, under the Microfinance program. The SACCO provides savings and credit as the main financial facilities to its members. It is the only people owned financial institution with a self help motive in Mpigi District. NGADEA- SACCO is headquartered in Bulamu Trading centre, in Muduuma sub-county, in Mawokota North constituency, Mpigi District.

The Society’s Vision and Mission

Vision: Provision of quality Financial related services to members and the community

Mission: NGADE SACCO Ltd is a Co-operative society providing quality financial services for the wellbeing of its members.


  • To improve the social and economic status of its members and the community at large, by extending loanable funds to members at relatively low interest rates, to enable them meet their financial needs and be able to generate more income to sustain basic and secondary needs.
  • To provide quality and sustainable financial services, to improve on members’ initiated projects by extending financial services nearer and easier for the members to access the SACCO facilities.
  • To generate sufficient funds to handle credit demands, to economically empower our clients and support Government objectives of alleviating poverty,
  • To maintain a rational level of resources for the community, Promote Environment, Health and Education.
  • Support other programs to reduce Hunger, HIV AIDs, etc. and explore new investment fields and commodity marketing for the community.


 After a careful analysis, consultation and research, it was discovered that the community was affected by lack of access to financial Institutions  to offer financial services, which, affected generally all other sectors of production and contributed to a number of challenges. These included; lack of sustainable income generating projects leading to high poverty levels, lack of adequate and enough food, low literacy levels, encroachment on environment, poor resource management and poor Agro production. For that matter, Gifted Divine Ministry together with Nakyesanja -Ggalabi Development Association, embarked on a program to establish a community member- owned financial institution that required low capitalization yet a legal entity, thus NGADEA SACCO LTD.

NGADEA  SACCO LTD was formed to create a pool of financial resources in order to provide financial services to members in form of savings, credit and provide other financial related services, most especially in Agriculture. Members were required to purchase shares, pay membership and encouraged to save. The funds that were accumulated were extended to members in form of loans at an interest rate of 12% per year. The society, was registered (No.P.2380/RCS) in 2011 under section 5 of the Co-operative society’s statue of 1991 in the names of Nakyesanja _Ggalabi Development savings and credit Co-operative society Ltd. To date we have a clientele line of 318 members, it takes only 40  US dollars to extend credit to a first time borrower as principle.

However due to low income of members, the funds that were gathered were minimal compared to the demand for credit, in other wards the Demand for loans exceeds the total liquidity. This therefore calls for an intervention by people of good will and the donor community to donate to this effort given that 40 US Dollars can impact a member’s life.

Rural finance Support

By Gifted Divine Christian Ministries International

Who is Jesus Christ?

whoisjesusChrist already existed even before the creation (Ephesians 1:4) “Explaining the will that God had even before the creation, Paul said, “In the dispensation of the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which  are in earth – in Him” (Ephesians 1:10).To fulfill His will , God sent His only begotten son whom He had promised and who would be anointed  ,to this earth .Ephesians 3:9 “And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery (secret) ,which from the beginning of the world has been hidden in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ”.

Jesus Christ has not only existed even before creation, but He has existed as the eternal and true God. Further more, even though He came to this earth in the flesh of a man, He continued to be God Himself, read (John 1:1, 14). As Romans  9:5 states; “(He) who is over all, the eternally blessed God. In Mathew 9:2, Jesus said, “Son, be of good cheer; your sins be forgiven you” – who has the power to declare forgiveness of sins apart from God?
Further more, Paul also said, “(Christ Jesus) who being in the form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with God”. (Philippians 2:6). John, while praising Christ, also confessed, “And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us an understanding, that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life” (1 John 5:20). When Caiaphas the high priest asked Jesus, Tell us if you are the Christ, the Son of God”, Jesus answered him, “it is as you said”(Mathew 26:63-64) see also (Mark 15:2).
On other occasions, Jesus also said that He and God were one (John 10:30, and that He had existed before Abraham (John 8:58). Christ moreover, mentioned His role as the High Priest and the glory that He has shared with the Father even before the creation (John 17:5). In addition, when Christ forgave people of their sins or healed them from their illnesses, as well as when He admonished His disciples to believe in Him, all these things were contingent upon their recognition of His divinity.
Finally, I should say; Jesus Christ is the second person of the Triune God who worked as the Son of God in the salvation plan of God (Mathew 26:63-64)
By Gifted Divine Christian Ministries International