tree planting1Introduction

NGADEA Under this intervention ensures that the community has access to clean and safe water by encouraging rain water harvesting simple and cheap technologies, sustaining and extending clean and safe water sources nearer to the community.

The intervention also ensures that households maintain a reasonable level of hygiene and sanitation by encouraging the basics such as Pit Latrines, Kitchen and Kitchen Ware at a high level of hygiene. It is under this intervention that the Association in partnership with other stakeholders ensures that the community preserves the Ecosystem; members are trained to preserve the natural resources especially Forests and Swamps. It is also here that the community is trained into Agro forestry, Energy Production and Energy saving technologies (Bio gas) and Energy saving Stoves). This intervention intends to train members into cheap and simple irrigation technologies in an endeavor to preserve the natural resources.

VISION: Future Green Vegetation

MISSION: Restoring the Ecosystem to simplify the Livelihood of the current and the future generation


  • To train the community into Agro forestry (carry out food farming and tree growing)
  • To establish tree nursery beds in the Community for trees, cash crops like coffee, passion fruits, fruit trees and vegetables.
  • To introduce and encourage rain water harvesting technologies
  • Establish, maintain and sustain clean and safe water sources
  • To introduce and encourage Energy and Energy saving technologies
  • To encourage hygiene and sanitation in households


Muduuma Sub County is one of the 18 sub counties that make up Mpigi District. It is on record that Mpigi District is one of the Districts in Uganda where encroachment on forests and other natural resources is rampant (Deforestation and clearing of swampy areas in search for fertile soils for food farming, etc.).

The majority of the households in the community lack the basics of hygiene and sanitation including Pit latrine, Kitchen and Kitchen ware and the general hygiene of a homestead. This calls for intervention to correct the situation. NGADEA has moved a step to implement the intended objectives of this program by implementing some of the program activities. However we have been constrained by inadequate funding. We therefore call upon people of good will, NGOs (both local and international) and the Donor community to support this effort.


It requires 0.2 US dollar to raise a tree seedling.


By Gifted Divine Christian Ministries International

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