Testimony of my Conversion

SalvationOne night in the second last week of May 2003, The Lord Jesus appeared to me in a vision while in my room, this happened between 9:00pm and 10:30pm as i had taken a simple rest .In this vision, i was standing on a street that had very tall buildings but they were not flats (they consisted of one floor each).

I turned to look behind from where I was standing and stretched my eyes to see up to  a distance of about 100 meters , there I saw a man laying hands on people He met as He came by moving into the same direction I was heading .What amazed me in this place was that some of these people (beings) on this street in this strange place didn’t walk like we do here on earth but instead , they were drifting yet this seemed normal to every one there.
I decided to move on and just mind my business and leave that place. Now in just a twinkle of an eye , this man I’d seen far behind me laying hands on some of those he met , appeared right next to me – I didn’t know how he got there in just seconds and this scared me off plus the glorious presence he had around him. He stretched His hand out to touch me and power left Him and I felt a very strong force that pushed me to a distance of about 6 meters from where I’d been ( at this moment , I realized that I was also not walking but drifting). When I looked intently at Him, I saw that He looked at me with pity, as if He had known me before this instance.
After a moment of silence, He spoke to me saying, ‘ Fear not, it is me your Lord Jesus Christ, there is something I need to open up to you ‘ He continued and said ‘ David! From today, don’t consider following any religion ANY MORE but follow me only, leave the world system.
Here , I asked Him , how should I follow you without  being under religion and He said again , follow me – you’ve heard the gospel of salvation and now you have also seen me -follow me just as the scriptures say. II replied and asked Him , ‘ How can i then understand them in the right way, He told me , ‘ not so long you’ll find some one who will teach you the Bible in the right way.I then said ok ,all that is fine but how will i tell my dad that am now born again , He said , ‘just leave that to me’.
By then, I only knew of only four religions: Roman Catholic church, Protestants (Anglican Church), Islam and the Seventh Day Adventists so I thought it in my heart to ask Him ‘ Which of these I had to turn to but before I did, He said FOLLOW ME as your LORD and SAVOUIR as the Bible states. He seemed to even know what I was thinking at that moment because before He answered me He said I see you want to ask me the same thing again!! He then spoke and said ‘remember to read Romans 10  , you’ll learn more about salvation’.
Two days went by and my mom and dad also got born again , so i didn’t have to answer to them about my decision , and most interesting was , i found a friend who had a certain email of a pastor whom i  wrote to  and he sent me a free salvation package , i was able to learn from his teaching just as the Lord had told me, this provided with a good foundation to get started with my walk with Christ. Many of my questions had been answered in the first 5 days of my journey.
Glory to God!

Feel free to contact us; to let us know of your decision to follow Christ, we shall be glad to hear from you. Plus, we shall send you a free salvation package to help you begin your journey with Jesus.

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By Gifted Divine Christian Ministries International

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