educationUnder this program, the Association supports the Government program of Functional Adult Education, Universal Primary Education and Universal Secondary Education. The intervention also involves sensitization training for the community to embrace these programs

The Association supports these programs by establishing FAL classes and to identify and train the FAL instructors. Through the intervention, the Association offers free early childhood learning (pre-primary and primary Education), a primary school has been established to that effect. Members of the community have been trained and encouraged to take a lead in child Education. FAL classes enable illiterate Adults to learn to read and write, learn through sharing Experiences, skills and abilities. The Association through this intervention conducts various trainings following a needs assessment.


Holistic transformation.


To Educate and train communities to cope up with the dynamics of modernization.


  • To support the underpriviledged children.
  • To establish FAL classes as a basis of mobilization of members to participate in all other programs of the Association.
  • To support government effort in UPE, USE and FAL
  • To identify and train FAL instructors
  • To establish pre-primary and primary schools
  • To conduct trainings in all other Association program activities


For a program aimed at transforming communities, members of the community need to own that program for its proper implementation. FAL and Education (both UPE and USE) are Government programs that people of Muduuma needed to embrace. However they lacked ownership of the program, it required an intervention to ensure that people own these programs and also to supplement the government effort by establishing pre-primary and primary schools and carry out sensitization trainings to transform the community. This is what NGADEA is doing though constrained by funds. It is here that we welcome all individuals, organizations, churches, companies, etc with goals and interest in changing and transforming lives to donate to this effect.


By Gifted Divine Christian Ministries International

food prodFood production and food security program is an intervention that intends to ensure enough and adequate food, to eradicate Hunger, avoid farmer exploitation, and encourage value addition with an ultimate goal to end Hunger and Poverty, ensure food security and enough income from agro produce for the farmers in Muduuma sub county, Mpigi District.


Building capacity at grassroots to realize better living condition


Empowered, Hunger and poverty free village


After a careful analysis, consultation and research,  lack of enough and adequate food, Farmer exploitation (low income from Agro produce), poor farming methods, price fluctuation, low quality Agro produce and encroachment on the environment,  were found to affect farmers in Muduuma sub county Mpigi District. These were caused by lack of value addition Technologies to Agro produce, poor storage facilities and lack of market linkage.

The project intervention has conducted trainings in modern farming methods, established Food processing unit (value addition center), and intends to establish a food crib (storage facility) and a marketing post (food store) to buy and sell farmers’ produce at a relative price. These project activities target to see such challenges mentioned earlier solved,  to realize food security through proper storage facilities, adequate income through value addition and market linkage through the marketing post.


  • To add value to Agro produce; A processing unit has been established for Agro produce especially for Maize and Ground nuts to bail out farmers from traders exploitation.
  • To increase farmers income through Value Addition; Farmers have been trained to add value to their produce before they sell them off to generate enough income from their produce.
  • To support farmer groups with entrepreneurship skills, encourage profitable Agro enterprises and provide linkage to markets. Members have established income generating projects and a marketing post would be established for the community to sell and or buy Agro produce.
  • To encourage both Animal and crop husbandry; the project has established a backward and forward linkage to both crop and Animal farming, the project would produce both Animal and poultry feeds and this would produce better Organic farming that would give high quality produce that would be processed for Animal feeds.
  • Develop partnership and collaboration with other stakeholders in development. Through networking the proposed project intends to partner with other development stake holders to cause development to the area of operation, these include the government, community based organizations, NGOs, FBOs, Donor agencies, Financial institutions, Private sector and individuals.


The project Total cost is $10,000/=


By Gifted Divine Christian Ministries International